Getting my OP-Z and OPLAB module replaced via TE support

I heard a lot about TE support being horrible, so I just wanted to post this and say that it only took about 48 hours to complete the whole process. I contacted them on Wednesday via e-mail, and after a few e-mails back and forth, I now have my shipping labels printed and ready to go for a replacement on both items.

Hopefully I get a good working unit. I’ve heard stories of people swapping multiple OP-Z units and still getting double trigs.

Any idea on how long the return process usually takes? I am guessing it will be at least a few weeks since it’s shipping international.

On a side note, a brand new Elektron Digitakt should be arriving today in the mail for me, so that should be an awesome replacement for the OP-Z while it’s getting RMA’ed, and a good addition to my overall setup once my OP-Z gets back.

I used the TE support twice and I’m really happy with it, they replaced my OP-Z in 8-10 days

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Oh wow that is fast! Hopefully that’s the case with mine.

Yes! They’re super fast, I hope for you too!

Got my replacements back.

OPLAB Module fits perfectly. Sits almost flush before even locking it into place. A huge improvement over the last one. So I don’t really think that the locking mechanism is the issue. It’s just an issue with the way the module fits into the slot.

OP-Z itself doesn’t have any double trigs on day 1, but only time will tell if the issue comes back or not. Hopefully it won’t!

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