Getting OP-1 to receive clock from Electribe 2?


I suspect this has a simple answer but I’m trying to phase the laptop out of my live set. I’ve got a bunch of tracks loaded up on an Electribe 2 and am playing leads live with an OP-1, and doing live effects on both. On a couple of songs I am using the OP-1’s sequencer, and I want it to be in sync with the Electribe, with the Electribe as the master MIDI clock.

Plugging the two directly into each other (using an adapter to make the Electribe’s micro-USB socket a regular USB socket) doesn’t sync up the OP-1. Do I need a MIDI host in between, or is there something I can do in the Electribe’s global settings to make it send clock signals to the OP-1? I’ve seen the thread about doing it with a click track but I don’t think that is applicable here since the tempo is changeable between tracks.

Thank you!

Yep a midi host is exactly what you would need
That should explain everything

Ah OK. I do have a Kenton USB host already but am missing working adapters for the Electribe, so had realllllly hoped it would work directly over USB. I’ll figure it out! Thank you.

Working Electribe adapters are available at for $5. It’s in fact Korg’s official parts outlet and I could not find the correct E2 adapter anywhere else (it’s a strangely wired version of a common adapter).

Anyway, buy them here: