Getting OP-Z to accept clock in and midi in from external source

Hi all,

I have the op-z + oplab module. I want my electro harmonix 45000 looper to act as master and clock for the op-z. When I hit play or record on the looper I want the op-z to start automatically.
I have attempted to set the external clock IN and midi IN on the op-z using the app midi configurator and also the shift+ shortcuts. I have connected the op-z to the EH unit.

Possibly related but maybe not… I have updated the op-z app and the op-z unit software but when I tried to update oplab it just showed four red LED lights. Tried a few times but no better.

Any thoughts?

Hi, I’ve read on this forum that the oplab module doesn’t always sit well in the op-z, so maybe it’s not fully connecting when the update is happening and/or when you’re connecting the external gear. But I don’t have an oplab so oplab experts should chime in!