Glitch when re-connecting to disk mode. Anyone had this?

I’m having an issue where the OP-1 crashes on the second attempt to connect to my Mac in disk mode.

On the first try after booting it connects fine and works as expected. But after I eject it, use it in another mode, and then go to reconnect to disk mode, it crashes.

I get a screen glitch (a sort of diagonal screen-tear) and have to unplug the USB cable and restart.

Has anyone else had this problem? It’s not the biggest problem in the world but would be nice to know if it’s intended behaviour, if it’s just me, or if it's an indicator of something worse.

(I’ve already tried a factory reset, to no obvious effect. Running 225).

At the risk of necro-posting…

I am on latest firmware 241 and this happens to me on the MacBook Air.

factory reset sometimes help with weird glitches if u haven’t already tried