Glitches and wierdness in the drum sampler

I recorded a series of 4 piano chords on the tape with silence between each chord, which I have lifted into the drum sampler, zooming in I’ve carefully set each start and endpoint so each chord is triggered by a different key with the “arrow + 1” but playback is very glitchey when using the endless sequencer.No effect no LFO.
I thought this is something that would work well but its pretty unplayable.

if by glitchy you mean that the chords are very short then tie a few notes together in the sequencer for each chord and they’ll play longer (hold down shift, key arrow a couple/few times).

and maybe don’t leave a +1 between each chord. just let the white button play the notes spaces.
anyway, experiment. you can definitely sample chords and then play them back on endless sequencer in a smooth and satisfying manner.