HACKABALL OP1 based kickstarter project

Hey guys,

I’d like to share this kickstarter project we’ve just launched. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hackaball/hackaball-a-programmable-ball-for-active-and-creat
It’s an iOS and arduino based toy that gets kids actively coding. I developed the sonic interactions and personality of the toy, it’s one new project in a line of kids things I’m working on under my company Obelisk music.
Other than sharing it, because I think it’s cool and it needs backing, the personality of the sound is very much OP-1 based. It’s a mixture of OP1, found sounds captured with contact mics and vocal manipulation via a custom Lemur controller.

The OP-1 has become such an important piece of kit for me developing sound for hardware and tech companies over the last year. It’s so portable and client friendly. I often get it out in meetings, and the built in speaker can be really useful to quickly focus sound design on developing for small speakers.

Thank you TE and the Operator One forum for your imagination and inspiriation.


Looks great, best of luck with it!

thanks! @darenager

What a genius little product!

Wishing you loads of luck with the project too!

So cute! I’m going to have kids just so I can buy this for them, and then play it with them. Now to find a lovely girl…

@spacetravelmadeeasy thanks dude! @kites ha, I don’t have kids! Still fun to make stuff for them though.