Hardware changes in recent shipments?


I had borrowing a friend’s OP-1, which is at least a year or two old.
I can’t compare side-by-side because it’s been returned now, but my own OP-1 finally arrived this week from MoMA.

Something about the display seems improved. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe a higher DPI display, or just generally improved quality in the OLED?
The colors also seem a different, particularly the violets. Could be calibration differences in the new display?

Here’s what it looks like on my new one, can anyone confirm compared to their older model?




Nevermind, looks like this change happened over a year ago. The box says REV 2.0.



now I’m curious though: how many pixels wide are the lines on that screen? (approximately, of course, it varies with the vector antialiasing)