Hardware problems with post Feb 2019 OP-1s?

hi, first post here. I’m thinking of getting either a OP-1 or OP-Z mainly for direct lofi sampling and polyphonic playback.

I have a question re the OP-1 hardware problems - in particular the on/off switch problems I’ve read about on the net and these forums.

Given that the OP-1 had some redesign / component changes when it returned in February 2019 I wondered if these problems were now fixed?

If I buy an OP-1 this year then it is my entire music budget so I don’t want to find that in a year or so it needs a repair job, even if it is something in theory I could do myself.

just from following the forums, it seems there haven’t been complaints about recent OP1s randomly shutting down.
i have rev 2 op1 that has the problem (ordered a new connector board from ifixit this week). if it is an issue, it’s an issue from day one, not something that takes a year to happen.
worth taking the plunge on an op1. maybe you won’t like it. but if you do you like it, you’re going to really like it.

as an alternative for lo-fi sampling – ensoniq eps keyboard samplers go for as low $300 and are absolutely amazing sounding 13 bit samplers with variable bit rates.

thanks! I’m definately not going vintage, done that and sold most of the bits off…not sure how common Ensoniq stuff is around here…

I wouldn’t worry about hardware faults. Since the start of the production, I think it’s always been a small minority who have these problems. To be on the safe side, you could always just buy it from a reputable retailer, who will take care of the servicing if it has problems? My unit from 2012 had initially a problem with the keybed (a few of these cases were reported in the forum back then), so the retailer sent it to Stockholm for servicing. Haven’t had a problem since!

thanks, good advice. I’m intending to buy it at a local shop where I’ve bought a number of things over the last few years.