Hardware Update for OP-1


So I haven’t seen any posts about this which is quite surprising… but what do you guys think will be these “OP-1 hardware updates” teenage engineering will be coming out with? So you think they are just going to change the screens(all I’ve read besides TE’s post and email have said that production stop because of screen issues) or do you think they are going to update things like usb connection, maybe keys and size and such? Also what would you want to added/changed?


Hopefully we get some answers at NAMM 2019. I know they will probably try to focus our attention onto their new modular line.


TE aren’t on the NAMM 2019 Exhibitor list. Maybe they will be in the parking lot again (!)


They posted that they “See you soon LA” and tagged #namm so they’ll be there somewhere.


I don’t think anyone is going to ask them about the OP-1 since they are trying to show off the modular line. Ugh… wish I was there to get some answers!!!


looks like they are talking to people in their hotel room. probably telling them what they are not talking about before the cameras roll.


I bet haha good point!


Last year they had and op-1 around so people could play with it but this year they didn’t bring one :joy:


I wonder if they will ever make an OP-2 or if they will just keep “updating” OP-1? Wouldn’t it be nice if the OP-1 had USB-C connection? Replaceable batteries?


the official story so far is there’s no op-2 on the horizon


Gotcha. That probably means they will just keep updating the OP-1 and keep the name. Probably won’t change anything dramatically. Maybe put cheaper or more durable screens in.


Hey. Anyone here replace a battery yet? Is it hard to do and where did you get the replacement? Mine has been with me for a while now and i’m thinking I should have this ahead of time lol


there is a guide on ifixit.com on how to do it

u need the dimensions of the battery itself
its just a standard 3.7v lipo battery

u might even be able to find a slightly larger capacity one w/ similar dimensions
that will fit in the battery cavity
something i always wanted to try but never got around to pulling my op1 apart


Thanks man! I should’ve gone straight to the doc huh? lol


It actually isn’t a big thing. I once replaced my speaker inside the OP-1. Even though the instruction pictures Tobias o.s.e gave me were extremely small and blurry :slight_smile:


I wonder if they would change the knobs on the OP-1 to the spinning discs on the op-z? And then sell k one so you can do all that extra stuff with the rubber bands and such.


I sincerely doubt that they’ll change the outer design of the OP-1 that much. They’ll possibly need to update the mainboard circuit and code to adapt to an other display type.


I could see them not changing anything but the screen. But would totally buy another one if they added more storage for patches and/or upgraded to usb-c.