Has anyone cut up the tape tracks in a DAW and pieced it together?

I’m trying to make a live set and I’m wondering if anyone has ever cut the tape loops in a DAW so that you can piece them next to eachother and retain the loop when putting the tape tracks back in the OP1. I usually break up my beats by a few bars on the OP1 tape, I really want to add a couple more beats to finish it off and have it as a full liveset/beattape. For some reason I remember LeFilou doing this but I’m not sure how to contact them.

u can do it but most likely u will lose your markers

@docshermsticks I tried doing on the op1 it’s self and place it next to eachother and there’s the common pop artifacts not sure how to avoid it by doing it this way

Doesn’t the op1.fun website do something like this? But I don’t think there’s any way to actually import slices to tape… I think you could hack it by slicing in your DAW, taking note of BPM changes, and then re-slicing in the OP1 using the scissors and the tempo bar markers for each segment, but if this is creating poptifacts for you, & that is unacceptable, then I’m not sure. Let us know if you come up with a solution.

@ludicrouSpeed Last night right before I headed out to get some drinks I was messing with this on the op1 it’s self and I heard some pops and clicks but they were all at the end of some loops. So I just recorded over the pops and lifted and dropped the loops next to eachother. I didn’t get a chance to listen with headphones for more pops but I’m pretty confident I got it! Super dope because I work in 8bar loops and before I condensed all my loops next to eachother I used up the 6min tape now it’s condensed to 3min! I’ve noticed when you record loops next eachother it will have pops sometimes so I try to avoid the artifacts at all cost!

Awesome :slight_smile: