Have 2 O's looking for a D. Digitakt, Digitone or Deluge to pair with the 1 and the z

i have an op1 and an opz, opz . i am looking for the next instrument to bring home.
i am thinking of these
any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance

aren’t they just variations on what you already have?

if you’ve got a $1000 to drop and want another take on sequencer/sampler in one box, maybe get something older with a bit of character to its sound – you can get an mpc60 or 3000 for that money. or an ensoniq asr-x, EPS16 plus or ASR10.

actually iam using this setup plus Qunexus and the Neutron! which i use as an Analog Filter Bank for OP-1 while sequenced from OP-Z!
basically Filter sweep automation and LFO rate multipliers!!! smooooth with OP-Z
plus Oscillators routed pre Overdrive to set the Analog voices apart from the signal but staying flexible in the mix, the drive section on Neutron is basically a really warm VCA with level control. great for mixing voices within the unit!

the Midi cc Control is pretty tight with the Neutron and I really love it’s full blown character! the Second one is in the pipeline for Analog poly and Stereo stuff! :innocent::innocent::innocent: