Have I just FUBARed all my projects and patterns by playing with the app configurator?

Hi, first time post here.

I’ve had the OP-Z for quite some time and it’s full of hours of work.

I have just decided to explore how the sound engines are managed in the app so I went to an empty project and did some exploring and listening.

To my dismay I have discovered that the changes are global and all my work in other projects is ruined.

There is no “WARNING!” in the docs:


I really don’t know the engines well enough to guess which ones I used.

Is there any way to revert my mess?

Thanks for reading.

You can back up your OP-Z in a few moments by copying the whole folder structure to your computer Via USB. I have mine set to do it automatically every time I plug the OP-Z in.

That won’t help this time, sadly, but at least you’ll be covered in future.

Thanks, did you write a script to perform the backup?

I use Carbon Copy Cloner.

But try this: hold P and the - (minus) key together. This reverts to your last saved snapshot. You never know!

And you have to do it on each pattern.

Even if you changed the sound plugs in the config, each project should retain the settings in its data. If you don’t remember which plugs you used, just make sure you have every plug/pack loaded onto the device. Then when you go back to a pattern, I should remember what plug it was using.

For example. Let’s say the Bass track on one project used the Saw engine in slot 3, and you ended up removing that engine when you were messing around in the other project. If you load all the synth engines in all the slots, and the Saw engine happens to now be in slot 7, when you go back to the other project, it should retain the Saw settings and automatically switch to slot 7, because the data is looking for a specific sound engine, not a plug slot.

If that makes sense… lol

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Thanks lots for that description Davnak, that was a really helpful explanation on how this works.

I’m not sure it helps me fully though as some tracks have more engines and samples than slots so I can’t load all the synth engines. Is my understanding correct?

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Ahh, yeah, if you have more than 10 engine/sample plugs for a certain track, you won’t be able to load them all, you’d have to somehow try to remember which ones you didn’t use.

If you had never played around with configurator you probably were using the factory assigned engines, which means that you probably did not use newer engines or bass specific engines in other tracks, for example.

I cannot remember now in all detail, but for example ‘uranus’ only came assigned to the bass track initially, so it is unlikely you used it in any other track if you had not used configurator up to this point. Or you probably had not used the newer engines ‘analog’, ‘organ’ and ‘ep’. Same goes for fx tracks and the newer effects ‘reverb’ and ‘chorus-80’.

I have a list somewhere of how the synths were organised when I bought the thing about a year ago. If it’d be useful I can send it to you.

Thanks for the offer. I think now I’ll just spend some time listening to each pattern, tweaking and accepting what is. I’m sure this thread and your suggestions will be a help or a warning to others.