Having trouble importing synth samples in the right pitch

Hello! Having a lot of fun messing around with my OP-1, and I’ve been importing synth samples with no problems, but I noticed that the samples were in the wrong pitch. When I pressed the C key, it produced a note other than C, so I modified the sample and used a tuner to make sure it was in C, but still no luck when i brought it into the OP-1. I even tried the option to tune notes when you press shift+metronome, and it worked fine, but it applies it to every note you play in all synth sounds, so that isn’t really a good solution. I am still a beginner when it comes to the OP-1 and electronic music in general, so I’m probably missing something really stupid. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated! Thanks for reading!

it produces is tuned to root A. you need the op1-specific chunk or just sample import an A

Thanks for the advice, I tried changing all of my samples to A but they were all B instead of C on the OP-1, one note off, so I changed them all to A# and they sound great and they’re all in tune! Hope this thread can help people who are confused.

Edit: Nevermind, I had forgot that I still had the detune on, and so it made it seem like it was a C, but it wasn’t. Did a lot of experimenting and found that 480 hz (between A# and B) is around the perfect pitch for op 1 samples, its not exact though. Changed all of my audio samples to 480 hz with the audacity pitch tool and now they are perfect!