Having trouble updating software for OP-1 Field on my Mac

Hi, new here…
I can’t seem to download the firmware update on to my Mac to drag on to the OP-1 field icon. The Video is very clear once you have the Firmware on the desk top…but how do you get the firmware on to the desktop? Yes T.E. is not very helpful, glad you guys are here! TIA!

If I get your question correctly, it’s more about macOS than the firmware update.

Google « op1 field firmware update ».
Or alternatively, go to TE’s website and go to the « download » section.

Download the firmware.
It should go straight into your download folder.

Then, it could be of help to download the Fieldkit app for the op1 field. Not mandatory for a firmware update, but still.

Connect the op1 field. And then, follow the procedure.
Which should be :

  • connect the usb-c cable to your op1f and your mac
  • pressing the COM button, power on the op1f
  • select the firmware update option on the op1f
  • drag and drop the firmware file onto the op1f on your mac (the op1f would have appeared as a removable disk when you powered it on)
  • and voilà.

Hopes this helps