Hello Again

Hello all,

Been gone a coupla years due to school/life. I was surprised to see the new forum. Anyhoo, glad to be back. I had to sell my beloved OP-1 for money while in school and hopefully will be purchasing one again soon. If anybody knows any good deals on a used one let me know!

Welcome back!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas. All the sales are about to happen. Great time to just get a new OP-1 if you can.

I believe @spacetravelmadeeasy has one on offer.

I’ve removed it from eBay.

May be holding onto it now :wink:

I've removed it from eBay.
May be holding onto it now ;)

Or getting another two?! :wink:

Haha, it’s not funny man.

I was all set to sell it then I bottled it last night and took it down.
Now I’m sitting at work thinking about putting it back up.

Sorry to hijack the thread but someone lined up to take my OT off my hands this afternoon. No regrets. I toyed with selling my OP1 about 6 months back and dithered about no end which I know now was instinct telling me to hold onto it. Spend some quality time with her and reassess.

Welcome back @Coloran_DK!

@spacetravelmadeeasy Keep the faith ! :slight_smile: