Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your music and advice. I borrowed an OP-1 for some time and loved it! I brought it with on tour (I play guitar in a band called Dengue Fever), and it turned all the long drives/flights/ and waiting around into fun productive time. Now I’m wondering whether to get another OP-1 or wait for the OP-Z. Probably can’t go wrong.


Good to see you on the forum, Zac. Glad you’ve found it a good space. There is some overlap but they’re quite different beasts. OP-1 will always be a classic, so I’d say “go for it!”.

Thanks 5StarNomad

Ha! Awesome! Love that band you play guitar in!!

Cool band! Get an OP-1 dude

Thanks for liking our band. I almost went and bought an OP-1 today. CL for $400! But we’ve been living on burritos and ramen so…

Insane price, u should do it