Help making this synth sound on the op-1

I’ve always wanted to make this synth sound but with my very little knowledge I could never get it right. It seems like something the op-1 can recreate a similar sound and was wondering if anyone could help with getting it. It’s the square waveish sound that starts at 0:58ish (

I can’t tell if you mean the bass or the thin chords underneath. I’ll assume the chords because I don’t know how to answer for the bass! :wink:

I bet OP-1’s Digital engine could make this sort of sound – try:

Blue all the way counterclockwise

Green in the middle (+0 octaves, so you can’t hear a higher/lower octave)

White just counterclockwise of the middle (so it’s at the top of the screen but not too far left)

Orange all the way counterclockwise

This is a good starting point – you can then find some notes (make a sequence in Endless and start it playing) and turn Blue clockwise to go from triangle/square-ish to square/saw-ish, and/or Orange clockwise to add some distortion. Those two controls should be useful for making that sound.

Also you probably want to use Nitro as the FX so that you can soften some of the high frequencies and cut a lot of the low ones to make it sound more like what’s in the track (ie band-pass filtered)


Yup, the thin triangle/squarish chords!

Damn, thank you for such a detailed answer. I’ve tried making this sound on ableton and still couldn’t get it right, pretty excited to get home and try this…might leave work early.