Help me get back my OP-1 sound!

Hello everyone,

I am still relatively new to the op-1 and brand new to this site and i have a sonic riddle i need help solving… I bought an op-1 last december and created some sounds on it for a record i am making. i made one that i particularly loved but didn’t save it before i ended up having to replace that op-1 with a new one (because of a hardware malfunction, i took it in and just thought guitar center could fix it, but they just gave me a new one because it was inside warranty).

i now have a brand new op-1 and i am trying to go back and match a sound exactly (as close as possible) using a track that i recorded while i had the old op1. i am getting close but still having trouble recreating it and i thought some of your sonic wizards out there could help me out…

the sound is called “moonweed” and its under the “pulse” bank. I have attached a url to a soundcloud clip of what i am wanting to recreate. when i originally created this sound, i don’t remember manipulating the parameter very drastically but i somehow found magic (at least i think so)… the clip starts with on the 0 octave and then later you can hear it up an octave, i particularly love the breathy japanese flute qualities of this sound and and the almost soprano sax-like qualities of the higher octave…

I’ve tried recreating it on my own, and with these current parameters i have gotten pretty close but not quite there.

there is more attack
the delay is set to FDB 00 speed 99 input 17
the lfo is set to speed 5 - P. DEST in green is 04 - P. DEST in white is 14

anyways, this might be a stretch and i am going to keep hammering away at it myself but i would greatly appreciate some help! please check out the track and give me any suggestions you think might help…

Thank you!


I am not a specialist, just an idea : have you try changing the portamento ? (Shift+T2). Other idea : drive setting ?

I think everybody love the moonweed patch. I am not sure but I think it’s someone on this forum who created it as a early betatester.

Thanks so much for the suggestions! Ive messed around with portamento a little bit, how do/where do i find the drive setting… thanks!

From memory : Press the mixer button and press T4 for drive

How hung are you on that particular sound you had done? No one else has memory of it. Just saying

Moonweed is still a stock preset, I’m also sure of it.

Yea, id love to get that sound back if possible, its a personal thing really.

Moonweed is still a preset on the op but getting it to the place that is in the sound clip takes some manipulation…