Help me Op1 crew your my only hope ( bricked OP1)

Hey guys

Apologies if this is something you hear all the time.
I just got my second hand OP1. It was working fine for a few minutes but then it crashed. I tried turning it back on but nothing happened ( not even the faint click I have read about). When I plug it into power none of the charging lights come on, also when it’s connected to power a constant static buzz comes out of the speaker.

Could you guys help me diagnose the issue? or recommend someone in Australia ( preferably Melbourne) who could do some repairs for me?

Thanks so much!

Try a new / different USB cable. I had a similar issue minus the static buzz, and the new cable combined with switching off and on fixed it instantly.

Also when the battery is drained, the charging animation does not appear instantly. Just let it charge for a couple of hours. Be sure to use a dedicated USB charger, a computer USB port doesn’t work sometimes.

thanks for the tips guys. I had it on the charge for at least 5 hours whilst trying different cables with nothing to show for it, ( including no charge lights). I’m gonna try resetting the battery and see how I go.

What u mean reset?

Not reset sorry, recalibrate.

You mean like charge it for 6 hours while switched off? I don’t remember what the recalibrate is…

You see this?

It’s leave the power on for a day even if nothing is happening, then putting it on for a long charge. I was informed by the previous owner that this happened and worked before after he it had been sitting there without use for a few months

  1. Make sure the power is off.
    2. Charge it for a whole night.
    3. Unplug the USB
    4.Switch it on.

    Does it work now ?

    Don’t worry too much, OP-1 can be a bit capricious if it has been let powerless for a long time.
    Every one of us had once this bad surprise of OP-1 not switching on, I believe.

Also -if normal procedure doesn’t work- try charging with power switch set to on.

I’ve had the dead OP1 panic a few times. One time I had to charge it for around 5 days but it finally came back as if nothing had happened.

update! left it on to charge overnight, still not turning on and no charging lights… but! the loud buzzing did stop! small victories? will leave it a bit longer and then try the charging with the power on.

Thanks for the support Op1 community!

However, that static buzz puzzles me… sounds like a problem with the charger and/or the cable. Did you try an other one, or maybe the USB port of your work computer?

Have tried all different combinations of cables etc. Still no luck yet. The buzz leads me to believe that something is inherently wrong with it. I might just have to send it somewhere for repairs. Still waiting to hear from TE on where I could send it.

If you have a Samsung or iPhone charger try that for 12+ hours (you probably already have but worth a mention anyway)