[HELP] OP-Z midi mapping Arturia Minilab mkII

Hello fellow OP-Z’ers

During times of crisis, this thing is helping me out big time.

I bought an Arturia Minilab mkII to have better control over my OP-Z. All is working relatively well:

  • I have setup a template in MIDI Control Centre
  • The Minilab operates the keys and channels/tracks of the OP-Z, velocity works etc

My question however is:

  • How do I get the knobs to work… I have tried all different combinations, absolute values, relative values, different cc’s, using the OP-Z manual, tried all different settings on the OP-Z App…
  • Values do register, but the value changes are either very small (1-2) or go from min to max - it looks like the mapping is therefore correct (I can use each knob to correspond to the different pages and settings), but the value changes are not
  • Is there a way to assign arm/start/stop to any knob or pad? Have tried MMC, but not working

Hope, hoPE, HOPE one of you can help me out. I have reached page 64 of all different types of Google searches with no results…

Thanks in advance,
Stay safe!


Relative #2 in MIDI Control Centre, and mapping it to the relative numbers in the manual worked.

No way of mapping arm/start/stop yet.

Z definately responds to system real time start and stop as well as clock.