Help! OPZ and Midi Send

Hello Forum, I need your help.

I have detected some strange behaviour when sending Midi from Ableton to the OPZ and recording back to Ableton.

I recorded all 16 Miditracks while doing a short OPZ Performance. Now I wanted to record the Audio from each track into Ableton. The Melodictracks are working fine, but when I am recording the Drumtracks, the following strange thing happens.
For 4 Bars the volume is down to 0, the panning completly to the left and the filter cutoff down to 0. After the 4th bar the Volume rises, the panning moves to the middle and the cutoff rises aswell.

I programmed no automation in the OPZ or Ableton for these tracks. And when I’m changing the parameters in the first 4 bars manually, the volume for example is forced back to 0.

What am I doing wrong?

the op-z also records external CCs but only when you manually hit record!

I guess you’ve accidentally inserted CCs via Ableton.

you could erase the automation with Rec and stop on each track

The OPZ send Midi CC Data while recording, even if I didnt wanted it to. I turned off the MIDI CC from all the tracks in the midi configuration file. Now everything works as it should.

Only one thing i need to solve. I’m sending the recorded Midi from the Basedrumtrack and the Punchin Effects from Ableton to the OPZ. But the OPZ dont recognizes some of the Punchin Effects, like the Duck Effect for example. Some Effect where overlapping. I seperated them, but that changed nothing. No Duck effect at all.