[Help] Pattern much, much slower than Project BPM (of 124bpm)

A bit of background on how I use my OP-Z. Each of the two Projects I have feature several different songs across their respective 16 patterns. So, I don’t use each of the 16 patterns as 16 different parts of a song on a project.

Now, to the problem at hand. I wrote a track several weeks ago on Pattern 7. You can listen to it at full speed here (124 bpm): https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwx9oW5BXaG/

Somehow, I slowed Pattern 7 down to where it seems like its at half speed, maybe even slower. But definitely at half speed.

What I can remember is that I thought I had selected a track using the Track Select button and, if I recall, either selected the snare or hi hat track. What I intended to do was hold Track Select and Shift to change the step length from 4 to 1, to essentially make that specific track faster.

And the next thing I know, the entire pattern had slowed down. I checked the tempo and it said it was still at 124bpm, but it definitely was not at 124 bpm (to my ears). It was, as I said, far, far, slower—like, slower than trip hop tempo. I have no idea what I did, and all of my troubleshooting efforts have failed.

Maybe it’s not half speed. Maybe it only seems like it. Regardless, it’s slower, and it’s driving me nuts not being able to figure this out.

Does anyone know what I might have done?

No one has encountered this problem? No one has an idea how to fix it? :smiley:

You likely changed the length of the track, which can be done by holding track and shift and punching a black number key. Easy to switch it back. You were probably on the “1” setting.