Help - Sample Drop On Pattern Switch

Hello Everyone!

I’m a new OP-Z owner so please excuse me if this is a known issue but I couldn’t find it when trying to search. I’m having an issue when switching patterns in a pattern chain, specifically with the sample track.

My first pattern uses sample track sound bank 9 and my second pattern uses sample track sound bank 0. Each pattern has a sound set to play on the first step. When the pattern switches from the first to the second the sound on the first step of the second pattern is not played on the sample track. But when pattern two plays a second time the sound plays on the first step. It’s only on that first transition from pattern 1 to pattern 2.

Is this because they use a different sound bank for the same track and the OPZ can’t switch between them fast enough? Is there a workaround for this?

Any help or advice is appreciated!

Thank you in advance,

seems like the new firmware dropped today may help w this

Maybe it does help, but it’s not perfect yet. I tried it out once (in a place where I had worked around the issue already), and it still dropped the first trig.

What’s your workaround, friend?

I already use the sample on a muted track (or a track with very few notes, played on later trigs only) before it’s really used. Meaning, I can’t really use the track that the sample will be played on in the pattern before it’s really used.

That’s slightly less bad than it sounds because I find that I use new samples mostly after a drop, which comes after some kind of bridge, and the bridge is less dense anyway. Or I want to slowly introduce the sample, which means I can skip the first trig in the introductory pattern.

Edit: For example in this song, the hard bass sample is loaded at 2:08, but the “real” start of its use is only 2:24.

I’m going to try the new firmware out and see if it solves my current problem but I am also interested in hearing your workaround to it. How did you handle it?

Thank you! I didn’t see that there was a new one so I will try this out ASAP