Help! Super Noob! How to use OP1 Live?

Hey Guys,

Really love this page and getting a lot of great feedback and patches.

I’m wanting to play the OP1 live at some stage, wanted to know how should I go about this. I’m used to playing guitar live which is just going through an Amp or through a D.I to sound system, Could i also go through a D.I to Sound system with OP1? or is there something i’m missing?

Thanks for your help!

yeah man, DI - preferably two (or one stereo DI) if you are going to take advantage of the stereo effects.

would make life easier if they have some monitors for you on stage/in the booth.

Thanks for your help!

@speckdrum But you should be fine if you connect it to a DJ mixer right?

@lefilou — yeah definitely. probably even better through a DJ mixer. more control. just sounded like @ollybiggins might be in a more ‘traditional’ stage setting.