Help Syncing PO with Nanoloop

I’m having trouble syncing my PO with my nanoloop, with nanoloop being the slave. I put nanoloop in slave mode (A+B on the tempo option) and I select “a” type slave mode (B+Select). I have the output on the PO going to the Gameboy Pocket using a cable I bought (as seen in the picture) and I’ve tried the PO in both sync mode 0 and 1. Is there anything I’m missing? Anyone have this setup? Or are there any suggestions on what I should try? Thanks in advance, I do appreciate this community!

Which cable are you using? I found that the sync works better with nanoloop as master; actually, nanoloop only supports the PO/volca half speed sync scheme when running as the sync master. Also, this way you don’t have to mess around with splitting the audio and sync signals out of the PO…

I’ll have to re-solder my cable but I’ll definitely do this, thank you, do I just put nanoloop in master mode and set my PO to SY4?

No, you should use SY2, since nanoloop won’t pass audio through the link cable (unless you’ve got your cable wired up so the headphone port of the gameboy also connects to it).
But yes, nanoloop in master mode—have a look at the nanoloop manual for more info, but you need to set it to the half-speed “C” sync mode to get the right speed for the POs.

Awesome, I’ll try it out this weekend, thank you!