help with sampling in drum mode

so i’ve sampled some spoken word dialogue into the drum mode sampler. i’ve set the in and out positions i want to the relative keys. what i can’t work out is how to save those in/out points. is this even possible?

what i would like to do is have the sample (with in/out points saved so i can return to the sample in the future and the in/out points are all setup and ready to go the next time i select this patch.

any thoughts?

ok, worked it out. seems like can only save the sample, with in and out points and other edits, as a snapshot. I guess this will have to do, though i will lose the file name structure that i had in place.

can you explain a little further?

ya saving as snapshot is how you save.
if you want to rename it, you have to connect your op1 to a computer using disk mode
and then rename is from your comp.

@arqueiro said:
can you explain a little further?

to save as snapshot, just hold down the user button (1-8)for a few seconds, think it’s 5 seconds. the snapshot has a naming convention based on numbers, which isn’t very intuitive but, as i’ve learnt from @docshermsticks, you can rename the snapshot outside of the op-1.