How do I get dual channel mono headphone output with acoustic guitar plugged into OP—1?

I have an acoustic-electric guitar that I plugged directly into my OP-1 field with a Mogami gold instrument cable. It has a 1/4” TS plug to which I attached a 1/4’’ to 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Adapter. Output to my headphone was only in the left channel. Is there a way to get output to both headphone channels?

Select mono for input.

Two things:

  1. Electric guitars are hi-z instruments, meaning that unless you use a di box or interface with hi-z input you will have signal loss in the high frequencies. This might not matter to you.
  2. Electric guitars generate unbalanced mono signals, meaning that even though you’re using a stereo adapter, the guitar can only output a mono signal. A stereo adapter connected to a mono cable creates a hard panned mono signal (left I think is the standard). Apparently the op-1 f can record mono through its aux in port, so that might be the solution for you.

Personally I would just use the built-in mic to record the guitar since it’s acoustic-electric. If I really needed to record direct I would use an interface that can take the mono hi-z signal and turn it into a line-level low-z stereo (dual mono) signal.