How do I record individual instruments from OPZ -> DAW?

Hey all,

My OPZ midi knowledge is lacking in this department. I’m looking for a way to export individual instruments from OPZ → DAW (Logic) during a live performance. I have the OPlab which i THINK makes it possible :thinking:

Apparently there’s a way of doing this and I just need to know! Any help is appreciated.

op-lab is not necessary.

make sure your global MIDI track is disabled-
go to op-z app → MIDI settings → uncheck “global channel”.

connect op-z via USB or Bluetooth to your computer.
in your DAV make a track and assign it to channel 1 on op-z.
than make another track and assign it to channel 2 on op-z.

now hit record in your DAW and hit play on op-z and you should be able to record two individual channels to two individual track in your DAV.

follow this method for other instruments in your project.


It’s one track at a time, unfortunately.

Edit: one track at a time for audio, I mean.

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I dont work with DAWs. Maybe it depends on the DAW. But I do know op-z can transmit all 16 MIDI channels at the same time. (Live of sequenced) !

I have made a demo sequence that demonstrates that in MIDI monitor:

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