How do these new update features work?

So one of the new updates says you can do per-tape mixer setting, is there an input i have to do because they don’t save for me? Also it says that lifting multiple tracks from tape to sampler keeps mute & pan info is possible. How do i lift multiple tracks, also how and what does it mean to put from tape to sampler?
Can i sample Multiple tracks?!

This update you’re referring to is for the Field, unfortunately

That’s what i have.

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Oh, this is the OG-1 sub forum, pardon the confusion :sweat_smile:

I can explain this one. This is a trick that also worked with the original OP-1, btw. When you have an active loop region and press shift+lift, all tracks will be copied at once. You can then drop them somewhere else on the tape. But you can also drop them into the sampler. When you do this, the tracks will be mixed together according to the mixer settings. It’s an alternative way to resample basically.


If you lift it back out and drop it back to the tape, do you get a mixed-down version on one track?

The answer is: yes, but

  • on OP-1 original, it adds the data-blip at the start.
  • on OP-1 field, it drops the full sampler buffer including silence (or previous audio data) at the end.

I just tried that and you just changed how i look at this device!
That’s just perfect! I still am not sure how or what it means to have preset mix pr tape, because even if i change stuff and then change to another project it stays the same. Also i hope they add back how the octave shifter worked from the beginning, why not have both. Most my the presets i made now no longer work as intended :frowning: hope they include octave shift that snaps back to neutral as well as this new one. Super Thanks :slight_smile: You are awesome!