How do you incorporate the OP-1 into your live set?

As a drummer I used the op1 to provide extra percussive sounds, mainly an 808 kick and clap.
How do you use your OP-1 live?

The centerpiece! Pre recorded loops and other stuff accompanying

I like to open the set by finding something on the radio, recording that to tape, then looping that and eventually making the loop so small it becomes a tone, then I sample that tone into the synth and play it on the keyboard(all in real time), then the actual music can start. It’s always interesting

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  1. Like a guitar (using the strap accessory). 2. To play percussive elements and for fx.

I bought mine last month to eventually add to my dj setup. I have an extra channel on my mixer which I can feed the op1’s output to. I’m still thinking up clever ways of incorporating it, but so far all I have is doing live looping and effects through fully taped “songs”, and then when DJing, playing 808 drums, synths and making weird noises on top of whatever track is playing. Would love to hear what other djs use it for

I find it incredibly difficult to incorporate the op1 into a live set. It has its uses but not as a complete performance instrument. I can use it for synths(solos; pianos, effects, drums) I can use it for backing tracks sort of. It’s a great effects unit with cwo and the likes. I’ll even sometimes loop and perform small tape based things as segways, intermission, improv. But ultimately I cannot get all the different functions to work together in a live setting. At least not in the same way seemingly I can while just sketching/producing. When just writing music the short delay when manipulating the tape and transport controls doesn’t phase the music making. But live these issues cause breaks in the music. With practice I’m sure that could be incorporated and made a none issue. I’m sure I could even get good at tape looping with the in/out buttons to live loop; but I’m still butt hurt about the lack of midi in functionality on the op1. My fcb1010 midi foot toggles is just begging to turn the op1 into the ultimate loop machine. Regardless I love my op1… As a sketchpad…