How does TE fix double-trigs?

I’m just thinking of sending my OP-Z to TE for repair because these double-trigs are driving me nuts. Has someone done this and do you need to specify each defective key, or do they just check the whole thing and repair everything as needed.

It’s always best to be as specific as possible when sending something in for repair.

I had the same problem. Sent it back to retailer I bought it from.

From what I’ve seen on the teardowns, they’d probably need to replace the whole upper part of the case. The key switches are on a ribbon cable and that is melted into the plastic. Anyway, I still hope it can be fixed via software, with better debouncing.

…they recently came back to me via mail and said it’s not good to hear but I should send it in for a replacement unit.

it’s definitely a hardware issue and most likely it has to do with the missing pressure the flexband needs to stay in place. it’s cool to have a flat and Sharp Unit like OP-Z but then the quality control has to step up because even a difference of 1-2 mm in manufacturing can lead to unusable mechanical issues.

i‘ll Send it in

Same here… I got my RMA form filled out already.

Are we completely sure the plastic screws can’t be removed? Because I saw some of the main board has plastic screws too in the middle and on the side. I don’t think anybody wants to try and possibly damage anything but it’s possible you can either unscrew or just pull out those plastic things. If not, I wonder if the encoders can be removed? If not this part is gonna be expensive.