How many OP-1s are made?

Does anyone know how many OP-1 (approximately) that are made? Must be a few now.



Our current best guess based on the serial numbers is around 17000.


Interesting! Thats many!!! Thanks for info.

And who’s got the 000001 ?

Possibly more than that. I have mine for over a year and its serial number is in the 018xxx range.


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Yeah, but at some point the numbers jumped from 5000 to 10000 (meaning that nobody ever reported a serial in that range), so the total should be 5000 less than the highest one.

where do I see my serial number?

where do I see my serial number?

You have to open the back panel, if you dare

Or there is a sticker on the paper foam box…

@bichuelo hehe, thats the question

@mixrasta thats a better option :wink:

Just checked mine…TE002-000093 purchased from TE as new way, way back!

Mine is 13xxx, got it for 2 years

TE002-0208** (April 2016 batch)