how many received broken PO's ?

After many months of waiting for 2 separate orders each containing one PO, they arrive broken.

I am guessing it is because the thin plastic envelope they were sent in(from California).

My PO12 arrived non working until i bent the battery contacts that looked to be bent(so i guess it’s not a huge deal…)

But i finally got my PO14 today and it came in the same beat-up envelope and the loose pots don’t work right, making it useless to me. Whenever i try and make patterns, the pot parameters jump around on their own making me constantly lose sounds. just touching the pot makes the parameter randomly jump around and crackle making it sound like shit.
I can’t believe how unprofessional these guys are with shipping.
I am extremely pissed and feel taken advantage of and insulted. They never sent me any cases i ordered months ago and also never sent me any shipping confirmation.

I’m just wondering if anyone else(i know there’s at least one other here), that received broken PO’s in the stupid packaging…

Mine were not broken, but I was very disappointed in the way they were packaged and sent out.

Mine came in a box from TE and all are working

I purchased them new from a guitar center here in New Orleans and have since had to replace all three. I love them and I want them in my life but it’s frustrating to get out there once a week and switch them out. My contacts are clean and in place and batteries are new and I don’t know what to do!

@Don_Keasy What exactly was the problem with your units?