How many times have you bought an OP-1?

I’ve previously bought and sold 2 since since 2015 and at some point since also went thru a digitakt, op-z, deluge. now back and onto my 3rd and final OP-1 which will be a keeper. imo nothing comes close to being as fun or spontaneous as this thing. So much more than it appears.


Twice. First one in 2014, sold it like a dummy (along with the Oplab which is hard to find now). Second one, about three weeks ago. Also just got op-z which is fully documented in this forum (there you can watch as I go through an epic, emotional, and ridiculous display of self-induced, unnecessary stress).

Does it count if I bought two without selling one?

One new, one used. Oddly, I don’t use them together as much as I thought I would. One tends to stay cabled into the gear in my office, and the other one is the one that goes around the house and further afield with me.

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@rabc Off-topic, but that is a great photo. Did you take that?

yeh mate cheers! afternoon sun created the larger than life shadow which was so appropriate

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Bought 2, sold 2.
I sure have a love/ hate relationship with this awesome little machine.
1 at one was about 5 years ago and got it brand new on sale for $680. Got frustrated with some of its quirks and traded it for some gear and cash.
2nd one, I bought for for about the same price but this one was beat up and well used and in need of some repairs. I repair OP-1 and other synths on the side.
This one I used for quite some time but with the prices going up and an opportunity to buy an Arturia Matrixbrute for $1000, I sold the OP-1 to basically pay for the Matrixbrute in full.
At some point I’m sure I will probably end up with another one. But the price is a little unsubstantiated IMHO YMMV.
If I come across one around the same price I paid for the first 2 it would be a no brainer.
But hard to see seeing paying well over 1k.
Do miss it though. But the Deluge has filled most of that void and in some aspects over shadowed it.
I feel like sound design on the OP-1 is what I miss the most.

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Haha I’ve got the exact same xp as your post. Bought two, kept two. One new, other 2ndhand. Dont use them together very much but enjoy the choice (and extra memory slots, sequencers, tape).
Two is a blast together though :musical_keyboard::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::musical_keyboard:

Hey did you have a good fix for the dodgy power switch when fixing them?

Sometimes it can be as simple as resoldering the switch on the inside. But the ultimate fix is new I/O board.

PM if you need more help.

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Thanks fellow ,appreciated.

Just saw a posting on Instagram yesterday:

Same count here: 3

  • bought the first one used and sold it some years ago but missed it instantly.
  • then bought one new sold by amazon (but the display is different from my first one (dimmed visuals are barely visible)
  • bought another one used, as a backup when I was thinking on sending my other one in for repair (but did not do it, because i dont think that it is fixable or even recognized as a failure)