How often are you swapping samples out?

As someone that’s been trying to get into making more music (I set a goal for myself to make 5 songs in about a month and a half), I’m kind of curious how often folks swap their samples out to make more music? Part of me feels like “oh these just aren’t the right sounds, I should keep digging to find other ones”, but another part is telling me that maybe I’m just using that as an excuse to not make something.

I’d be curious to know how others feel about this, or maybe if you have any music making strategies you’d be willing to share?

I find if I’m not feeling it or them I either completely mangle them and try to get something different out of them or swap them out. Something fresh in the banks can get things moving again

For example- If you’ve got something in the sampler try setting a super short loop point to create a note you can play. Add heaps of effects and resample it and try the same again. You’ll end up miles from where you started and it may ignite a spark that gets you going. It might not of course but you will have been ‘creative’ along the way.

That said, if I’m not ‘feeling it’ at all I’ll try doing something else for a while and come back to it. Can’t be creative all the time and I definitely can’t force it if I’m not there.

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^^ :100:

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