How to keep metronome in sync with recorded track after tape stopped/restarted in between beats?

I’m recording a basic 4/4 quarter note beat with a sampled instrument using the finger sequencer and I laid it down on track 1. If I turn on the metronome and start playing from the beginning of track 1, the recorded track and the metronome are still in-sync same as they were during recording, as expected.

But then if I stop tape playback in between two beats (i.e. I press stop on an upbeat), then press play again, it resumes playback – but now the metronome and my performed 4/4 quarter note beat are out of sync. Obviously now that I have the 4/4 quarter note track laid down I can probably turn off the metronome, but it seems like it shouldn’t be necessary if things are working.

Is this a bug, or an esoteric feature I don’t understand? Any help greatly appreciated.

I am using firmware R. 00241.

Depending on where you want to pick up recording additional sounds - I would use the Shift + < or > arrow keys to move the start point to the next or previous tick in your tape segment. This should line up the metronome to the grid again.

That being said - I have never experienced this issue as I tend to use the metronome for an initial track recording and then turn it off.

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Aha! Thanks v much!