TE don`t disappoint with their bargain range of crap.

Wanna plastic pencil case for ya OP-Z ? yours for a snip at £45.
Sod them, just buy a Sure SM58 mic case £5.

How about a nice plain t-shirt for £70? a cool Vivienne Westwood is less than that!

Upcoming soft case for OP-1 that is $150… yes please :wink:

What was wrong with the previous soft case though… not expensive enough?

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it will be the same as the last one but with a bigger logo and even less padding :wink:

Why are they trying to be a overpriced lifestyle brand? They need to stick to instruments, they are good at that… scary good even… But this? What a complete joke…

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1 x plain t-shirt, 1 x plain long sleeve top, 1 x daft coiled coat-hanger, 3 x PO splash cases, 1 x op-1 splash case, 1 x op-z case

= maybe the price of the PS5?

I got the notification email from TE to let me know about the new ranges of products and I skipped off excitedly to their website with my credit card at the ready (for I am a TE fanboy) but sadly I left empty-handed and disappointed that they can’t manage to keep OP-1 accessory kits in stock but have added a bunch of overpriced t-shirts and an RF-welded PVC case for the OP-Z. I can’t figure if its a brilliant marketing strategy or if they put the office cat in charge of 2020 new product development.

Dear TE - if you are reading this, make a proper case for the OP-1 and we will fall over ourselves to buy it and you will make money.


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To be fair, it does say there is a soft case for the op1 coming soon… I’m not sure why after all this time without any new products they decided to deput this new accessory line and leave the soft cases for there two main products as not available yet… not even a cad drawing to show us what it will look like, it seems like those should have been a priority but maybe people are flocking to the new $200 sweater or TE gear coat hanger idk…
I’m glad they finally made a hard case for the opz as that’s something people have been asking for since they quit making the leather one, but $130 is a rediculous price and twice what the opz headphones cost? Makes sense… And now the build it yourself, open circuit, most basic analog on the market, pocket modular is $600 now? Same price as opz? Who is coming up with these prices? I thought the modular was a affordable option for us that can’t afford eurorack? The controller is $250… same price as a beatstep pro…

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people thought the OP-1 was way overpriced 10 years ago at 799,-

even tho I’ve catched the one and only Black Friday offer officially made up by TE for the OP-1 with 15% off and the first two weeks I was unsure to keep it, 8years later iam just hoping to never ever have to buy one brand new these days.

OG Oplab was round about 370€ brand new and I immediately catched it as soon as the head of employees told me that TE already cancelled the whole production line once they’ve been released.

they only had like 3 Pieces in Stock and it’s one of the Biggest Instrument retailer in Europe.

as long as the updates keep coming iam all good

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J, what would you price the Op-1 at?

Bought mine a few years ago from amazon £640… That to me was £140 too much. And then they gifted a valentines kiss by doubling the price and for what? Is the new screen visible outside or in mild daylight situations? Has the truely shitty speaker been updated to the tip-top cool quality of the op-z speaker?

Imagine a shop selling two boxes; one with 14 white t-shirts in, the other an OP-1. .

My punch case got here today and I’m pleasantly suprised, is really nice and well made. I don’t feel is really overpriced, well, it is… but about the same price as most synth company cases and it’s small but it feels a step above most cases I have. I got to give it to them, the have amazing designs when they want to…

It’s just too bad it’s PU leather so it will deteriorate no matter what, as opposed to real leather, so overpriced it is for me.

That is not true, just like with anything there are many different levels of quality to it and it can go from being more durable then leather to the cheapest stuff that’s flakes away from mild heat and moisture…
I have some seat covers for my car that I have had for over ten years that the pu leather is still perfect but they have suede lining that faded. It has lasted longer then the leather in my wife’s Lexus that is the same year car, 2007.
I believe them using this is because they are against using leather more then trying to save money, which is actually admirable if you knew what it takes to make it and the suffering it requires.
Like I said this feels very high quality and I have no worries of durability really… it feels more like a designer item then a cheap case you find at a department store.
If you look at it through the holes where the “punch” holes are the top layer is very thick, it’s not like the cheap stuff that they use for cheap furniture that has a paper thin top layer that falls apart… plus that stuff is made from polymer that is not as resistant to wear as the polyurethane based stuff this is, it may look the same but really it’s night and day different, is the same stuff most plastics are made from and very durable… As long as you don’t abuse it, it can tear just like any soft material if you abuse it.