I caved

It turns out I was premature in vehemently ruling myself out of becoming a OP-Z owner back in May of last year. Just bought an “as new” month old OP-Z on eBay for £425 because it’s the best price I’ve seen so far and the seller dropped it the Buy It Now price from £450 in the last 2 mins and I have very little self control…

I don’t have an iOS device but do have an 2014 mac mini, will that run the mac version so that I can see what is going on while I learn how to use it? If I have problems with re-trig buttons how long is TE’s warranty?

Congratulation, you‘ll like your OP-Z!

I would recommend to learn the Workflow without the App. I told myself i want to know and use my OP-Z even if TE decideds to stop the support of the App. And it’s really not that hard to learn.

When you know the workflow then start using the app if you need or want to.


I disagree. I found the app made it easier for me to learn the workflow to the point where I no longer needed the app. I guess it depends upon the person.

With regard to TE’s warranty, it’s 12 months, but only applies to the original owner. If it was bought from a reseller, they may provide a better alternative, if you can find out who they were and obtain some proof of purchase.

I don’t really want to ever have to rely upon TE customer service. I’ll say no more.

Good wishes with the OP-Z. I’ve found it to be a piece of kit which is unique in its ability to inspire creativity out of nowhere.



to see the envelope while looping is really good for any granular stuff and weird drums

at least get a used iPad mini 2 for 80 bucks or less! runs a lot of music apps aswell

but the release should have the same knob direction like the OP-1 where you turn it exactly in the opposite direction to get a long release

I’ve done the same. Preordered. Cancelled. Was becoming more sure I did the right thing as the online videos are really not showing as much diversity in sound as I’d hoped. I realised the price is actually a lot more reasonable than I thought. Maybe it was the OP-1 going up?!?! Anyway got one now and I love it. And in ways i did not expect. Need the iOS App though IMHO. I agree with cloudburst. I really needed some visual feedback to learning the deeper options.