I have a question about op-1.

1.Does the op - 1 filter have low cut, high cut and cut off functions?
2.if cut off functions exist can modulation with envelope and LFO?
3.how many track op-1 can use

I would really appreciate it if you would answer the question.

RTFM >:)

I could not speak English, so I used the translator and posted the question. Manual is difficult for me to translate. Help me

Filters: yes. See nitro effect

Extra, hidden filters: mod your firmware :slight_smile:

Thanks! For your appreciate my last question op-1 have cut off functions key?

Welcome @midiboy! May I ask: what’s your native language?

To quickly answer your questions: yes, the OP-1 has filters, and yes, they can be modulated in many ways, including the envelope or LFO.

The OP-1 is polyphonic (6 voices), but monotimbral (you can only use one synth model / preset at once). There are four (mono) tape tracks where you can record and playback audio.

The OP-1 is a very unique piece of workstation, I’d recommend to watch some more tutorials to understand its structure, limitations and power.

@motone Thank you very much for your kind reply. My question is finally solved. I am Korean!