I love my cat but...

So, my kitty is my best friend (for a cat) but, this is what she did after I played with my new OP1 for too long without paying attention to her.

Cat picture

RIP volume knob!

He he! Just watched a video of an performance with aleph OT monome and OP-1, in the last third his cat jumped on the table tried to contribute but kind of fought against the performer while he was trying to adjust the eventide space…
Why do that many musicians have cats? I have one too…


Speaking of cats. (sorry for the cross-thread pollination).

One of my cats loves sounds from tiny speakers. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or OP-1, she comes to investigate (not so much bigger/fuller sounding speakers). She also slept on top of my K5000S when it was out (open spot on the top, not the key bed).

Former cat owner present. This should be the “kitty synth” thread.


Two cats here. One likes to sleep on the mixing board, the other sits on my bike:


Former cat owner reporting. Now I have two cat sized dogs. Luckily they don’t touch my stuff =)

Why do that many musicians have cats? I have one too..

You know, that’s a a very keen observation that I haven’t realized. Most of my friends who are creatives in general, are mostly cat owners. Animal lovers nonetheless, cats are more commonplace among us.

This is of my cat Leeloo (5th Element) who went AWOL several years ago.



I need that scratcher

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

-Mark Twain

Don’t lose hope @Kites! My brother had a cat that disappeared for over 3 years and then one day started coming home again somewhat recently o.O

@krism, pretty amazing about your bro. Nice thoughts, but the odds are against me. I moved several times since she left, and it’s likely she was snagged by a coyote where I lived. ;( if anything RIP Leeloo


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So, I’m out of cat pictures, so how about a video of my son playing a monotribe when he was about 18 months old?

^ adorable, I liked the part where he pulled it away from you as you reached for it. Aha