I Made A New Song With My OP-1 + My Voice (Smiths Inspired)

Hey guys, this is my first post here! I’ve been using the site to get my feet off of the ground at every roadblock and challenge thus far. Here is a release of mine that I am rather proud of. It’s subject matter is that of love and ketchup. I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

ketchup by austenyo | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This is fantastic, what are you using to record your voice?

@AustenScheer Really cool track you've made, like it a lot!

Wow! This is really awesome! Instantly loved it. hitting the like and follow button (sounds like lovechild of Bowie and Gorillaz :wink:

Your other two tracks are great as well! Keep it coming!

@AustenScheer This is good, please keep on dropping songs :slight_smile:

Wow! I really appreciate the positive feedback! :slight_smile:

@daninski I’m using a blu yeti condenser microphone. I have no pop-filter, so i just put tissues in front of my face while recording.

@wolflegjon I am very glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

@Morn Oh my goodness. I am honored to have been called a lovechild of the likes of those two idols. Thank you so much!

@LyingDalai :wink: you got it. thanks.