I made an EP using the PO's, OP-1 and TB-303

Hi people!
I'm new here, used to lurk the old forum!
I love my TE stuff and have them all so far!

I just finshed this EP using the PO's, OP-1 and TB-303 and mixed/edited in Ableton Live. I hope you like it!


/Daniel, Stockholm

sounds good!

following you already.

Nice stuff, only got to the second which I was digging, plan to listen to more when I can

Thank you! I love the bassdrums in the PO’s, so much punch!

Dude! I love those tracks. Im looking for kind of the same sound with a twist with help from my Korg x-911… To the question; how to you set your gear up, are you recording all live in one take or are you recording separate parts? And which part is from the OP-1? Cheers.

Hi! Thank you for your kind words!

I usually set it up so that everything syncs and then record each machineon separate tracks using my motu ultralite 3 and ableton live.
Then I cut, process and treat them and then add maybe a percussion track, a tb303 or som op1 live playing that I then loop to fit. I find that I always make better op-sound when I not sequence it!
Sometimes (but not on these tracks) I run things through the op (CWO 4-LIFE!) or my modular systems (serge/buchla) for some extra grit.

Very nice stuff!

What’'s your sync setup?

The one I have now: Ultralite midi out to Korg KMS30 to sync24 splitter (home made) and then triggers from 202, 303’s, 606, 707, 727, 808, 909 depending on what I need for the patch. I runt 606 trig out on every other note to run the PO’s. I also have an OP-lab to round it off! :slight_smile:

Next i’m switching from midi out on the MOTU to Innerclock systems Sync-Lock to get tighter midi clock and sync24. Haven’t gotten around to it yet though!