I made another album

Hey friends, I’ve been busy with being back to school lately so haven’t been around too much but here’s some new music I made:

Gear used:
-Mutable Instruments shruhi 1
-Oto biscuit
-strymon el cap

Any comments/criticisms welcome!
and here’s some free codes if you want to download it:





This is a beautiful album. It’s the soundtrack to my morning at work.

Hope you don’t mind I grabbed one of those codes so I could download it.

Very nice!

Some really lovely textures going on in these tracks! Nice to hear pieces from you where it’s not exclusively Op-1. Not that I don’t love the op-1 of course, just interesting to hear how you’re using your other gear :wink:

Very kind of you to offer some download codes… I grabbed a download using 4jbn-hfwl. Thanks :slight_smile:

I love it ! I wish I had nothing to do this morning but relaxing while listening to your album.

It’s consistent, and even with my shitty sound system at work it’s really beautiful.

You may check some hi-end reveb like Eventide Space or Strymon Big Sky (or maybe the one from Analog Four :D)
I feel like your sound would greatly benefit of such adding…
I am personally very fond of the Eventide Space, because imo it really fits distorted sounds both from synths and guitar, and is also able to add some distorsion in a very musical way.
As it’s built like a tank, second-hand is generally OK.

I’m gonna try it tomorrow @ work too :smiley:

Wow, this sounds really really nice. Your music will be the soundtrack to my day :slight_smile:

Also, used the bottom code. Thank you!!

If you have the time, It’d be really cool to hear a bit about how you went about making this album – always love hearing people talk about their process :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Tracks 5 and 6 really do it for me. My setup is very similar to yours, minus the Shruthi and with an Eventide Space. Like Josker I’m also curious what your process looks like.

Thanks for all the kind words everybody
@lyingdalai yeah a reverb pedal is what I want next actually, both of those look really nice
@josker @burnthair yeah no problem thanks for asking:
For this album The octatrack was loaded up with some samples I collected/made with the main outs going to my mixer while the cue outs go to the oto biscuit so I can pick which sounds to effect.
The biscuit was doing mostly light SRR and delay and then to the mixer
The op-1 I play free- just set to the same Bpm as the octatrack so the loops line up
The shruhi is mostly playing bass sounds- either by midi from the octatrack or free by a midi keyboard
Then everything runs into the mixer with the El cap on the fx send/return
I recorded straight from the mixer into logic and added a bit of compression and reverb, I record the songs in 1 take untill I’m happy with the sound.
Here’s a pic of my setup at the moment:

Awesome! Thanks for the thorough reply. You can really sense that there is some spontaneity and fluidity to your songs and that you haven’t produced all of the life out of them. I fall into the trap of over organizing elements and adding “just one more thing” until I lose that “magic” that you’ve done so well to preserve here. I’m working on recording takes right to a little Tascam recorder to break out of that lately.

Really great stuff, man! Thanks for posting it and thanks for sharing your process!

Thanks for the write-up!

I really agree with @burnthair that you manage to keep them sounding very organic. Also, I always admire anyone who manages to keep things sparse :slight_smile: I always do too much layers.

The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

My favorite track is (6) !