i need help with an I/O solution please

Objective: To have at least a pair of stereo audio inputs on my iPad available while being able to send MIDI info to the OP1 for triggering drum sampler and MIDI LFO.

I can already do both, but not simultaneously without having to repatch. I wish to streamline the work flow. When sampling the OP1 with iOS, having the Alexis I/0 dock connected kills my ability to send MIDI to the OP1 since I need to disconnect the CCK to use the I/o dock and vice a versa.

The only solution i arrived at is the following: I already have a powered USB hub and CCK, so i was thinking of purchasing a focusrite USB interface and connecting it to the powered USB hub. Would the iPad receive audio that way? If so does that method add noticeable latency?

I checked out the I connect midi series but that wouldn’t seem to work. Thanks!

Never mind. I’d rather deal with the minor inconvenience of patching rather than drop money on yet another I/0. But I’d still like to know if I’d work.