iConnectaudio 4+/KMI K-Mix opinions? Any owners?

Hey all, thinking about grabbing the iConnectaudio 4+. I have a few questions. How is the latency? Does it sound decent? Are the drivers smooth, is it plug and play? Thanks for any advice fam!

Pulling up a chair. I’m interested in these as well.

Found a few reviews and it seems my fear are true. Seems like the routing software is not very elegant. I had a iconnectmidi 2 and this was the same problem.

Figured I’d add the K-mix to the convo as that is another interface Im looking at.

I’m interested in the k-mix too. Haven’t heard anything about it since namm.

Ugh, yeah… People who complain about stuff being difficult to use haven’t tried an iConnectmidi4+… I have one and I think it’s my most difficult thing to learn – and I own an Octatrack, too.

It’s an invaluable tool, and once you get it going, you can just forget about the absolute bitch that is the config process. Just don’t change anything.

I do love it. Seriously. :slight_smile:

I figured it would be tough to set up, given that the tutorial on YouTube is a 17-part playlist.

@josker, how complicated is your setup? I’m looking for a single solution for midi and audio (and iOS charging), but I’m really not connecting too many devices/instruments. I won’t even be using my Mac most of the time, as I do a lot of sketching on my OP1 and iPad.

I use the iCM4+ a lot, I have 8 devices plugged on it, USB and MIDI.

While you don’t need more than 16 MIDI channels, it works like a charm as is, without any configuration needed.
Which is already something.

Now to route the signals it’s a bit of a mess to identify the USB devices, I found. But eventually you get it.

iCM4+ is very capable, I thought at first I would use half of the connection possibilities, but in fact you run out of MIDI connections quite fast.
So the fact that you can get a lot of USB devices though a hub is great.
+ connection towards iPad (which I’m not using much so far) makes it really complete.

To mix audio signals, I prefer to have a tiny mixer or, better, an OT :smiley:

@Zzzach - I have 3 elektrons, one other synth and sometimes connect things like the laptop. Also, I have a Qunexus for note input.

Thing is, the interface is very convoluted, and it took a long time for me to learn the inner workings of the routing system. So it took me a long time to just get simple routing to work. Once I got over that hurdle, it’s relatively easy – you never really need to change anything.

I’m not using the iCM4+ to the fullest – you could route lots more with it, use MIDI filters, etc. I actually think that the main advantage is integrating USB devices.

I use iCM4+ as a USB MIDI <-> MIDI converter and USB MIDI patchbay. Config tool is a bit overwhelming on the first sight but as others mentioned, once you figure it out, it’s fine. You can even ‘reserve’ USB channels on the USB host port and name them so they are better recognizable in the Port Routing area of the Config tool. It really helps. I can’t speak of the audio features. Only have an old iPhone 3G connected to it with the Config app to avoid the use of the computer.

Hey guys, keep in mind I was asking about the iconnectaudio not iconnectmidi, not that I really mind hearing your experiences with the midi! Any experience with the audio version out there?

Hehe, sorry, totally overlooked that :slight_smile: When scanned the text I just saw iConnect&%$#@* and didn’t realize there’s other device until now.

Oops !


I read a rumor on MW forums that KMI lost the lead developer on the KMix project, delaying production.

I currently have a Mackie mixer with a single aux send bus, which is currently occupied by the Octatrack. If I also want to use the H9 - either to process Octatrack audio or process something else, which would then be sampled by Octatrack, I have to plug the OT’s Cue outputs into the H9’s inputs.

Seems like the KMix with its 3 aux send buses would be one nice upgrade, and it would also give me a clean way to route audio in and out of an IOS device running IOS effects apps and synths.

That said, I’m considering a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK as an alternative. Like the KMix, it can function as a true multichannel USB audio interface (not just stereo, like a lot of analog mixers with USB interface slapped on), which is key for integrating IOS audio in a relatively clean fashion. And like the KMix, it has 3 Auxes.

Hey, I’m working with iConnectivity and I got wind of this thread. Hopefully I can help out here. I’m not in sales, I’m helping the company with some writing, just so you know. :slight_smile:

First, the interesting thing about the iConnectAUDIO4+ is that it supports two computer devices at the same time with audio and MIDI - PC, Mac, iOS. (The iConnectMIDI4+ supports three, but it has very different capabilities.) That means, for example, you can treat an iPad as a touch-controlled synth plug-in inside a DAW running on a Mac or PC.

But that’s just one application. You can route MIDI and audio every which way, which of course adds some complexity, but as cube48 and others say, it’s nothing unmanageable. There are audio and MIDi patchbays, which are pretty simple matrixes - you have sources going across the top, destinations vertically along the side, and you click where you want things to go. It’s the mixer that takes a second to figure out, but I wrote some blog posts about this stuff here:


It really isn’t beyond anyone, but essentially you have two audio and two MIDI interfaces that are interconnected. That’s the confusion, and as the person who wrote the manuals, I’ve learned what I need to do to improve the next one. :slight_smile:

Latency. Well, I don’t know the exact spec off the top of my head, but it’s basically the same as any other high quality audio interface. On Mac and iOS it uses the built-in Core Audio driver, and on Windows it uses the industry-standard ASIO4all one.

Furthermore, the interface supports direct digital monitoring. Companies call that “near-zero,” meaning that the latency is only from the digital converters, in the couple of mlliseconds range. The input signal still goes to the computer for recording/processing, but you’re not monitoring from it.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

K-Mix was delayed?!?!

Really interested in that product.

I can’t say I’ve used the Midi Connect stuff, but my brother had a real time setting it up for himself (as well as some fellow forum members apparently). The reward possibly outweighs the effort though.

OK, excuse my ignorance but apart the MIDI side of ICA4+, what does it do that a mixer don’t ?

I mean, most of the time you have audio senders (synths, drum machines, etc.), audio thru (FX), and audio receivers (samplers)
The last ones could be source too.
Now I don’t see what ICA4+ can do that I cannot with my tiny Multimix 12…
Except the sends are poor quality mono things, but you get my point : I mean what kind of functionalities does it add ? I fail to seeing this.
K-Mix was delayed?!?!

Really interested in that product.

I read about it here:

"I actually bought my QuNeo and QuNexus about a month ago from Nathan Zorndorf, who purported to be the lead firmware developer for the K-Mix before he decided to move out of the country. The way he told it, the company was surprised/dismayed at his leaving and were having trouble replacing him, so I wonder if this recent silence from KMI doesn’t have something to do with that."

Then again there’s the last post on the thread:
According to a friend involved with the project, they are currently expecting to release it in the middle of next month (October). That does not suck.”
OK, excuse my ignorance but apart the MIDI side of ICA4+, what does it do that a mixer don't ?

I mean, most of the time you have audio senders (synths, drum machines, etc.), audio thru (FX), and audio receivers (samplers)
The last ones could be source too.
Now I don't see what ICA4+ can do that I cannot with my tiny Multimix 12...
Except the sends are poor quality mono things, but you get my point : I mean what kind of functionalities does it add ? I fail to seeing this.

Well, theres the whole it works with 2 computers at once (iOS and PC). Does the Multimix have 4 in and 4 outs. That is big for me, I only have stereo IO with the Duet and want the extra IO for a Hardware send in Ableton.

The Multimix 12 is getting old, but it can record up to 14 tracks simultaneously on the PC, which is relly cool to capture a session :slight_smile:
Plus you have 4 outs + 2 mono FX sends…
And EQ, volume sliders… As cheap as it is, it has served me well for 8 years now.

Nowadays I feel the need for a proper way to route audio signals without unplugging everything, but this looks like a patchbay, no ?
Maybe it’s the fact that you have everything within the ICA4 that makes it interesting… But 4 INs is not enough for my needs :smiley: