Idea for a hack to copy tracks

Hello everyone, I’ve had an idea for how to copy notes between tracks within the same pattern. Currently you can only copy tracks between patterns, which is useful, but copying notes for example from the bass track to the arp track within a pattern is high on peoples wish list.

Here is the process I imagine, which I hope wouldn’t fry the op-z or line module:

  • connect midi out of line module to midi in of line module.

  • remap the midi channels so the track you want to copy is sending midi as the channel you want to record to. For example bass copied to arp, map midi 5 to midi 7.

  • match the track length so they have the same number of steps and bars.

  • select the track to be copied into, for example 7. Press record and play on the Sequencer.

  • press stop once it has gone through the track sequence… has it recorded the notes into the new track?

I don’t have my op-z at the moment and won’t for another month. Is anyone willing to try this idea?

Is there any risk this would damage the op-z or the module?

Would this mess up other tracks as midi is also sent to them again?

routing midi out to midi in is definitely a hack I’ve done on other devices and shouldn’t be an issue for the op-z. The biggest thing in my mind is just that the op-z might ignore the midi from channel 5 and not having it come back into channel 7 or whatever, but I am willing to bet with the right steps you could get this to work.

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Good to hear this has worked on other devices.

I think (and happy to be corrected if wrong) but when you press record on op-z it is actually recording on all midi channels. I’m sure once I had a midi controller set to the wrong channel and when I’d pressed record on a track the notes appeared in the track of the midi controller.

If anyone gives it a go, please post if it worked…

Of course, would be easier if TE just enabled copying between tracks :yum:

If you’re just wanting to copy the notes directly, you could use the track link feature: OP-Z guide: track. This sends the note information from one track to another, so you can double up synth tracks. I’ve never tried recording on the linked track while it’s playing to save the notes, but I’ll try it tonight.


Nice idea! Hadn’t thought of that.

I guess if you wanted to just copy and change the original track then linked tracks won’t work though.

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That doesn’t work for recorded notes. I found it only works for live play.

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I just tried the process I outlined in the first post and can tentatively say this is working!

I was able to copy a baseline to lead and then chord tracks.

However, doing the above did seem to do something funny to the drum tracks. The notes from the baseline didn’t copy into the drum tracks but the drum sounds became glitchy. The original drum track notes stayed the same and holding the step and reinputting the note returned it to normal. This glitching didn’t seem to happen if I pressed stop before the end of the sequence looped back. Not sure what is going on but needs more testing

I didn’t yet try copying from one drum track to another drum track. I only tried 16 steps, didn’t try longer tracks or different length tracks. I didn’t try step components.

Lots to investigate…

EDIT: drum tracks also work fine.

ANOTHER EDIT: poly to poly tracks work, as do poly to mono tracks (eg lead track copied to bass). To avoid glitching on any tracks as mentioned above with the drum tracks make sure you mute all tracks except the two tracks you are copying from & to.