Ideas for NEW MODULES ?!

You guys know that the delay can be set to give you 16 step length worth of audio?

If there was a way to send the master to delay, this could kind of work like resampling.

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speaking of that… is there any way to use the oplab module to trigger some external live looper/sampler?
or something thru the usb c maybe with transport control?
since getting the opz i’m really leaning towards doing more live improv stuff.

I would like either a dsp/effects module with a lush, long decay reverb, or maybe an effects loop module so you could use effects sends or insert effects from individual tracks to outboard gear?

Maybe wrong place to post because this isn’t module related; anyways, like ludicrouspeed mentioned if you hold track and shift, you can choose between 1-0. 9 making the track 16 times longer, this gave me plenty long loops, though some sections may still have to be stretched over 2 patterns; the only downside is the step resolution is reduced, so your more susceptible to playing on the grid … 0 is sort of a trig based response setting that moves another step every time it senses a trig. Would be dope if we could turn off grid mapping and free play… Another 4 tracks for bussing out/ resampling in a module would be dope yes.


But joking aside:

  • stereo in/out for mixing in or daisy chaining external gear and two assignable mono output channels
  • DAB+ radio, because FM is dead (also transmitter?)
  • more synth engines, though only two mono channels are avaiable. Maybe the Tonic engine and one of the most useful and versatile synths TE have laying about, or at least very different from what is already inside OP-z
  • battery pack with external access
  • VST machine (like V machine, but smaller and actually works). You could get Arturia V collection or Pianoteq in there
  • laser projected keys, pads or controls that actually work
  • better speakers maybe?

A Multi- effects module with various send plots

it’s probably been said before but:


It would be nice to be to bounce your songs down to audio files or just record vocals trough the mic onto 4 tracks. This would make it a “complete” little DAW for the road.
Select loop lengths with the keyboard or the 16 step buttons. Maybe playback speed could also be changed…and then let us sample and resample from these 4 tracks. Just dreaming…


I’d pay for a a really good vocoder module if this couldn’t just be properly achieved in current hardware and firmware alone.


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Repeating this x10. Two passes to track full songs would be amaze. Copy the 4 tracks once and hard pan both sets L/R respectively for 8 mono tracks. In this mode fx sends go to stereo out plug. 8 stems and fx bus for a 3 minute song in 6 minutes, yes please! (Note, master comp would lose effectiveness in this mode)

An alternate mode would allow manual assigning tracks to the module output. Slave OP-Z to Daw, and play song from start to finish. Run second pass, and the second 4 are exported.

Or just do a firmware update that allows streaming of all individual tracks over USB. Or a firmware update that allows you to bounce full track chains


THIS exactly!!!

Not “or,” but “and” :innocent: Some of us use Daw’s that are locked to thunderbolt interfaces, and cannot monitor incoming USB audio without much work. :upside_down_face:

Which DAW? When you plug your OP-Z into your computer it shows up as an audio interface, as long as your computer has any kind of USB it should show up regardless of what DAW you use.

Wow, I never heard of dis

Maybe not a Daw specific thing (I should have specified earlier), but moreso so how my UA Apollo TB driver monitoring is setup for daw audio, and other PC audio being available once toggled with the Dangerous Source. General daw users may not run into this issue.

Locked as in single audio streams. If you monitor audio from the Apollo for example, once the driver changes to USB audio, there went your analog monitoring, unless you reconfigure things. My setup is not standard, but I avoid usb audio due to UA not enabling usb audio directly on the Apollo’s.

Ok, I understand. Sounds fiddly. I have these things in my workflow too. I fins them quite irritating, and I find most productivity when I work around them if possible, or just accept them. Of course updates and bug fixes do happen, so there’s always hope :joy:

The rumble will turn resonant material into speaker.

THIS WOULD BE AMAZING as a module…sing into OP-Z with autotune…insane

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Love the idea of having a built in sd card. It would be great if it could record performances, chop loops into one shots and export as wavs, allow larger sample libraries including multi samples.

The idea of an expanded battery / multi module / memory pack with more in / outs would be game changing.

I would love it if they would release a little multitrack recorder / mixer. Something with a small footprint with eqs and faders and a looper.