If a case had LEDs to light up your keyboard, would that be awesome?

So, I’m busy carving, building and slicing up my fingers designing a nice case for the OP-1 out of wood and/or bamboo. Sorry, I’m a scientist- technically bamboo is a grass, not wood.

Anyhoo, I had an idea. When I’m in bed and want to play with the OP-1, the one thing that frustrates me is that I can’t see the buttons. So imagine, some awesome guy came up with a way to integrate LED lights into a case so you could see your keyboard in low light situations. Would this be awesome, or something that you could care less about?

The thing is, if I build a case, this would add a bit of time to the build, but personally I think it would add a lot of functionality. I’m thinking red LEDs to save night vision.

This is just an idea, and not too hard to implement, but if I were to sell these perhaps it could be an option.


Actually for best night vision you’d want dim blue LEDs. But yes. And dim! Not insanely bright like my UA-1000 power LED that shines like a thousand suns.

yea i agree on the softer colored LEDs. u’d be surprised at how certain colors & brightness can really bug your eyes out after long periods of time. even if you’re not staring directly at them, but in your field of vision.

and yes it would be awesome

@RTK dim LEDs would be easy, I’d just add some extra resistors, or better yet, a potentiometer and people could just adjust the brightness. I didn’t really think of blue, but it’s my favorite LED color. I have an LED that lights up the entire room on my headphone amp, pretty annoying at night for my wife when I listen to music in bed.

Cool, I’ve got a couple ideas on how to implement this idea, but I have to see how best to do it with the tools I have!!!

(most) Blue LEDs are actually not too friendly to the eye, I think aside from messing with sleep rhythms they emit wavelengths of light that make it very difficult to focus correctly. The cheap chinese no name very blue ones can be harmful to the retina as they put out quite a bit of UV, if you do use blue use a good brand and diffused versions, and the correct resistor so that they do not light up the whole room.

IIRC orange LEDs are the most eye friendly.

I like orange too!!! Perhaps I may need to do a little experimentation in my evil lab!!! Another idea I have would be electroluminiscent cable/strips. However, I have to see if I can run it off of 9v batteries. The LEDs run of practically no power at all.