ifixit did not quite fixit

hi fellow op1 users,
bought a used op1 couple weeks back - AMAZING FUN! unfortunately keyboard malfunctioned after 1 week Tkeys/transport/shift/octave would not respond. ordered replacement (took exactly 1 week to arrive) but one of the notes not responding, function check confirms dead key. watched literally dozens of youtube clips before finally pulling the trigger so feeling a little disappointed with the quality. anyone have experience returning/exchanging from ifixit? bought keyboard plus volume knob almost £100, hoping you folks can offer some advice or share my agony hehe, cant believe my luck!

update: thought i would share some good news - during an evening jam with op1 the defective key suddenly decided to be nice to me & start working! so now i have a fully functioning & pristine looking op1. i was thinking to ask if anyone had known of instances of brand new op1 with initial unresponsive keys suddenly springing to life, looks like i answered my own question.

When I tried to get my faulty keybed to work I was convinced there was an issue with a loose connection in the ribbon connection. It wasn’t ultimately, but maybe that’s what you had.

was difficult to determine what exactly had gone kaput with the original - some keys dead others triggered wrong function so some shorting of-sorts would appear, tried reinserting ribbon just to eliminate that as a possible cause.

when i fit the new keyboard I did not check that every single key was without issues as all previously problematic keys now functioned perfectly, so went to work fitting all those tiny components giving myself a big pat on the back - ta-daa! then half hour later realised I had a problem. first instinct was to try fiddle with the ribbon connection just didnt want to dismantle again. maybe a greasy fingertip on those tiny connections?

finally just to point out that the internal circuitry in not protected well from debris/moisture etc from entering from edge of keyboard.