I'm new. Hello.

Is this appropriate? Whatever… You all seem so friendly and welcoming. I’ve been lurking since I bought my OP-1 a few months ago. Loving the limitations and immediacy of it. Also, huge thanks to pretty much everyone for the tips and tricks. I’ve picked up a lot of inspiration from all your chatting. I’m a semi-pro saxophonist (not jazz, but live electronic, rock, hiphop, etc…), and Ableton user since version 5. Yeah!



Hey hey! People are indeed friendly around here. Be sure to post any tracks you make with the OP-1 so we can all see what your unique take on the instrument is : )

yes, please, do post some music @mrbernard

Hi @mrbernard and welcome in this piece of heaven !

Hey, folks! Requests for music! Awesome. I’ve got a few OP-1 sketches, BUT most of what I’ve done with it so far has landed within larger tracks in Ableton. I’ll soundcloud some stuff. Thanks!